How we work

We work in two formats. Each applies to projects with different scope and expectations.

Fixed Price Format

Suitable for websites and simple ecommerce projects

Flexible Format (Time Payment)

Suitable for online services and startups

Features: Fixed Price Format

This format is convenient for small projects, where the customer already has a vision of what the product should be. The work takes place in 3 stages: design, planning, development.
To estimate each working stage, we forecust the number of hours and staff to realize the project.
After collecting the requirements, we give a fixed estimate of the first stage and determine price estimates for the following two.
At the end of each stage we revise and finalize the fixed estimate of the following one. Payments are made as milestones within each stage.
The base estimate includes 2 additional stages of revision upon approval, further revisions are paid on an hourly rate.
If additional tasks appear at any stage, we evaluate them separately and add them as additional agreements on top of the current contract.

Features: Flexible Format

This format is suitable for non-standard services and startups. We use flexible software development tecniques. Payments are made monthly based on the number of hours we worked.
Every month we determine the scope of work, estimate all the tasks, and provide regular reports for what was accomplished.
Every week we get together with the client, analyze the completed tasks, and draw up a plan for next week.
The client controls setting tasks and priorities - our work is entirely based on your input.
Open communication allows for flexible implementation of new tasks and changes to existing functions.